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Kindergarten Konnect


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Teachers & Parents
1 day
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Why K-Konnect
Kindergarten years set the tone for one’s adult life; the relationship with education, books, teachers and more… this makes it imperative to leverage these years. The team from Ashlar Kidz strongly recognizes this fact and has pledged to work towards this mission. The mission of planting seeds of love; love between the students and teachers, love between students and their books, love between each student and education itself.
Times have changed. New age education goes way beyond literacy. Let’s all pledge to work together and begin a new era of education; the era of connected classrooms. With an open mind and welcoming heart let’s learn a new methodology. Let’s all work together towards instituting a system where everyone wins; Educators, parents and most significantly our children. Our children are not just children. They are our future scientists, innovators, designers, musicians, leaders, decision makers…