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Manifesting Miracles


Suitable for:
1 day ( 8Hours)
Number of Participants:
Per Person Investment:
Rs2 222

No dream is too lofty to come true, and none too trivial to take for granted. If you have a dream, this workshop can help you realize it.

Master the science of ‘planning’ miracles; discover the secret law that governs the entire Universe. Harnessing this “law of attraction can bring to your life anything you desire, anything at all, no exceptions… …and yeah, now is the perfect time!


This 2 day life altering youth workshop is for dreamers, who yearn to exit the rat race and design their own life. This is a call to all the life enthusiasts ready to leave the cocoon, grow wings and fly. Attend MM if you are ready for these and more positive changes in your life.

  • Find Clarity on your life purpose. Discover your deepest true self
  • Tap into your inner wisdom/intuition and unleash your creative potential
  • Break free from all the limiting beliefs (doubts, fears, guilt) to live your highest life
  • Learn to forgive and to release all the negative emotional patterns in your life
  • Become the master of your mind and emotions; beat stress, panic, and anger
  • Utilize the power of a positive, progressive and focused mind
  • Discard inhibitions, develop a healthy self image and more confidence
  • Attract fulfilling new relationships and heal any current issue
  • Experience all round health and wellbeing, both physical and mental
  • Raise your efficiency by leaps and bounds
  • Correct the attitudes blocking abundance from reaching you
  • Understand how the universe works and how to make it work for you


  • In depth knowledge of the Law of attraction
  • Brain tuning to higher alpha levels to boost Intuition, Creativity, and Focus
  • Meditation(s) to raise energies, mind power, find clarity and so much more
  • Spirit centered goal setting
  • Subconscious reprogramming via affirmations, mirror work, and visualization
  • Joy springs card, faith certificate, affirmation stickers, vision board and more!
  • Daily do able tools to boost the manifestation of your desires
  • Quantum physics plus other scientific proofs as applicable
  • Instant energy shifting exercise
  • Ancient hawaiin healing technique
  • Energy center balancing for overall growth