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  • Price: 119
  • Pages: 20
  • Imprint: 2016
  • Year: 2017
  • Availability: Available
  • ISBN: 978-93-83594-61-0
  • Author: VIPUL GUPTA

The bestselling rhymes and tales concept is back in an even superior avatar! Bid goodbye to the era of rhymes being sung without clear understanding. We bring to you the perfect blend; the awe and wonder of stories, and the melody and joy of songs. No, not ‘once upon a time’, but ‘once upon a song’; rhymes along with their own stories! An assortment of rhymes including dialogue rhymes, action rhymes, hunt-game rhymes and theme based rhymes, e.g. hygiene, self-love, spirit of celebration.

Lively Storytelling; to engross, inspire, and make the child fall in love with the nursery rhymes. This helps them relate with the rhymes on a whole new level. Innovative hin-glish language feature to enhance the child’s language skills; comprehension, vocabulary, and as well as to ease them into sentence building for superior verbal fluency. Merry and melodic karaoke tunes to transform your classrooms into live concerts as children experience the many joys of group singing. Enchanting vivid illustrations to make the rhymes come alive in the child’s mind and leave a cheerful lasting impression.