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Testimonials (Haryana)


“Books were interactive and made keeping in mind, a child’s caliber. Nice books” 

— Rimika Sharma, Shalom Hills School, Gurgaon.


“Nice books with good pictures and activity” 

–Neeta Tanya, Shalom Hills International, Gurgaon.


“More technical methods of teaching can be added” 

–RituVerma, Shalom Hills International School, Gurgaon.


“The books are nicely planned out”  

–Sangeetha Menon, Shalom Hills International School, Gurgaon..


“The illustration of the books was very good” 

— Shruti Madaan, Shalom Hills Nirvana, Gurgaon.


“Nice and colourful books, like the activities” 

–Ruchi Bajaj, Shalom Hills International School, Gurgaon.


“It’s very good bookset, excellent books for child knowledge.” 

— Deepika, Rising Pre School, Delhi.


“It’s very good bookset for us, with new teaching method.” 

–Rashmi Dubey, Rising Pre School, Gurgaon.


“This book is very interesting and knowledgeable for the child”  

–Garima, Rising Pre School, Gurgaon.


“These books are awesome, covering full curriculum of a child for that age”  

–Nancy Sharma, Rising Pre School, Gurgaon.


“It is very interesting for children”

–Sarla, M.D. Public School, Panipat.


“Books are good, we can follow it in funny way” 

— Rita, M.D Public School, Panipat.


“Books are very beautiful and interesting” 

–Manjeet Kaur, M.D Public School, Panipat.


“It is very good and excellent book” 

–Pinky, M.D Public School, Panipat.


“I require a little bit reduction in syllabus of English,” 

–Meenakshi, M.D Public School, Panipat.


“Perforated star card should be given so that teachers could keep it safely to award the students.” 

— Anita Khurana, M.D Public School, Panipat.


“It is very easy and wonderful books for childrens. Childrens can understand very easily and properly.” 

— Shalini, M.D Public School, Panipat.