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Testimonials (Rajasthan)


“Very Good For Children’s Future”

–Vandana Goyal, D.A.V Primary School, Jaipur.


“It’s so good for children to make their fun” 

— Miss Komal Sharma, D.A.V Primary School, Jaipur.


“Really good for teachers & Students” 

–Mamta Agarwal, D.A.V Primary School, Jaipur.


“Books are excellent because it is full of Activity which children enjoys” 

–Raj Mathur, St. Wilfred’s Sr. Sec School, Jaipur.


“It looks very interested come up with concept give so much of activities, I am sure children will like it of the have it” 

— Mrs. Payal Singh, Children’s Academy, Jaipur.


“Books are creative & suggestive for us, how to make creative & involved each & every child to learn everthing” 

–Ms. Kavita Kriplani, Sanjay Public School, Jaipur.


“Books are good” 

— Sikha Gupta, S.V.P.S., Jaipur.


“Books are very nice and attractive” 

–Mrs. Sheela Sharma, The Modern Happy School, Jaipur.


“Books are very nice and attracitve” 

— Mrs. Gauri Jain, The Modern Happy School, Jaipur.


“Overall very helpful”  

— Virender Singh, Vidyagram International School, Jaipur.


“Your Books are so good” 

–Sangeeta Falor, Raj Shree Public School, Jaipur.


“Books are very useful for kids”  

 –Sarita Jain, Raj Shree Public School, Jaipur.


“I have not been through the books thoroughly definitely it will work ”  

–Rupali, Vidyasthali Public School, Jaipur.



— Anju Sahrma, Vidhyasthali Pubic School, Jaipur.


“All the books have good activities for the kids” 

–Pramila Sharma, Subodh Public School, Jaipur.


“Books are good with lot of interesting activities”  

–Neelu Nigotia, Sibodh Public School, Jaipur.


“Fine, of course, the exercises given in this book, is beneficial for the kids”  

–Shreya Ambrish, Jaipuriya, Jaipur.


“I’ve not gone through the book”  

— Pinky Sharma, Vidyasthali Public School, Jaipur.


“Excellent! Bravo!! Mindblowing!!! Love, Love, Love… Would like to be connected”

–Vijaya Majumdar, Tagore Public School, Jaipur.


“Books are very colourful and creative for kids. Excellent stories and illustrations” 

— Rajni Raisinghani, S.V Public school, Jaipur.


“These are good with colourful pictures and activity based books” 

–Meghana Panwar, Jaipuria Vidyalaya, Jaipur.


“Books are good. They will help them to the children for open the mind with fun activities” 

–Paramjeet Kaur, Seedling Nursery School, Jaipur.


“Excellent Books for Kids” 

–Deepa Mathur, The Lawrence Public School, Jaipur.


“Books are excellent due to the activities and verb wordings” 

–Mrudula Raverkar, The Lawrence Public School, Jaipur.


“Excellent Books” 

–AnuragSoni, Oxford International Academy, Jaipur.


“Very Good” 

–Usha Sharma, DAV School, Jaipur.


“Attractive, Colorful Books” 

–Neelu Khatri, Oxford International Academy, Jaipur.


“Very Good” 

— Sudha Dixit, DAVM School, Jaipur.


“Excellent Books”  

–Ramakanta Jain, St. Joseph Convent School, Jaipur.


“Very Good” 

–Urmila Sharma, St. Joseph Convent School, Jaipur.


“All the books are good. Specially A B C writing Books”  

 –Neeta Kanchan, Seedling Nursery School, Jaipur.


“Every book I think is gaudy, Please improve the colours”  

–Havisha Sharma, Jaipur School, Jaipur.


“Books are very good” 

–Rajni Sharma, kids club School, Jaipur..


“Books are quite energetic” 

–Sunita Mathur, Kids club school, Jaipur.


“Books are good”  

–Deepti Chaturvedi, Kids club School, Jaipur.


“Books seems to be interesting”  

–Richa S Trehan, G D Goenka Public School, Jaipur.



–Paramjeet Kaur, Tagore public School, Jaipur.


“Books are excellent, Children will love to learn” 

–YashuAttri, St. Wilferd’s Sr. Sec School, Jaipur.